I relate to these characters because aspects of their personality are like me. You have a shelf life as an actor, so you have to find another way to express yourself. I get sick of myself, so I can imagine how everyone else feels. I try not to make too many movies. In most movies you spend so much time looking for any scraps of truth, and in this movie you’re just marinating in it.

I could be pensive, uhh… smart, supersticious, brave? And I, uhh, I can be light on my feet. I want all of you, forever, everyday. You and me…everyday. Because I was home-schooled, I didn’t have a lot of friends and I did ballet, which was always just girls. Anything happens in that five minutes, then I’m yours, no matter what. I wrote you everyday for a year.

If ever I try to predict, I’m sure I will be instantly humbled. I don’t know enough about manliness to define it. Then, telling Derek Cianfrance that I’d ever I could rob a bank I’d do it on my motorcycle, and he said ‘That’s weird, I just wrote a script about that’. I’m really not good at knowing what people want, because don’t have that talent. I’m not a good enough actor to become a character.

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Matthew McAlexander