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Matthew McAlexander.

Creative Person.

My name is Matthew Eugene McAlexander, creative director, marketer, adventurer, explorer, and lover of everything Star Wars. I have a wide array of skills, very similar to Batman's utility belt, and my arsenal keeps growing.

Just a little bit of what I do on the daily:

  • Read books. A lot.
  • Lead a creative team of 13 people, with skills ranging from video, web, print, development, and more.
  • Point at said creative team's work, while stroking my beard inquisitively, and looking off into the distance.
  • Drink way too much coffee.
  • Lead my coworkers in CrossFit.
  • Listen to marketing podcasts. Like a marketing meeting, but I get to laugh a lot more.
  • Sketching in my notebooks. Coloring is fun...especially outside the lines.
  • Strumming my guitar.
  • Making important business calls while my feet are on the desk, and a scotch on the rocks is in my hand.